Relationship Goals Can Do For Your Life

Relationship goals benefit you emotionally and spiritually as well as enrich your day to day experiences and connection to yourself, others, and the divine creator. Many people concentrate on business, personal, or physical goals which are very beneficial, but all too often they overlook or don’t feel relationship goals are as important. They are just as valuable, if not more so, because at the end of the day when your work is done, we are faced with ourselves and the interactions we have with others in our lives.

Relationships are a huge part of your growth and be can be your greatest joy, love, regret, frustration, sorrow, or reason for stress. They have an enormous impact on your overall happiness and well being and can teach you so much about you. They can show you where you have grown, where you still need improvement, or where you need to set boundaries and limits. They are an essential part of your learning and expansion as a human and spiritual being.

When was the last time you set a relationship goal for you, with your partner, child, parent, sibling, grandchild, friend, relative, co-worker or boss?

If you set one, did you meet that goal? Are you setting others? How have things improved or changed for you or with the other person by following through with that goal?

Relationships show us so much about ourselves, how can they not be as important as any other goal we set out to achieve or work upon?

They help us to be more compassionate, loving, kind, generous, understanding, balanced, grounded, creative, and peaceful human beings. When setting goals for you or with another person, ask yourself, “How is my relationship with myself, the other person, or with the Universe? What can I do to improve this connection?

Relationship goals can be just about anything. Here are a few examples of things you can do:
-Spend more time getting to know yourself or the other person better.
-Listening instead of talking.
-Say positive or encouraging words.
-Ask how you can be of service.
-Make time to do things you normally wouldn’t do.
-Volunteer in your community.
-Get to know your child’s friends.
-Try to understand the other person.
-Be more compassionate.
-Initiate conversation.
-Don’t try to be right, change or control others.
-Create date nights or game nights.
-Ask someone out for dinner or lunch.
-Write a letter or leave little notes.
-Let someone know you appreciate or love them.
-Instead of judging, see something positive.
-Ask if you can pick something up for your neighbour, co-worker, boss, friend, partner, etc., or invite them over to your place.
-Read a self improvement book or take a course.
-Spend time with you, your partner, children, grandchildren, family, friends, etc.

Look at the relationship with yourself and others. What’s joyous, or frustrates or upsets you? Then look for ways you can improve it, or do more of what’s working. You can set a goal each day for a week or a month, or when you see the person. Once you have achieved that goal, set another one. There are always ways we can enhance our relationships with ourselves and/or others; it’s an ongoing journey and you are worth the investment.

The lessons we learn, the connections we make, the love we give and receive is invaluable. We all have so much to give and offer if we only make the time. Becoming the best you can be for you and others goes a long way and you will be reaping the benefits each and every day of your life. When setting goals, make sure relationship ones are at the top of the list since they greatly impact your happiness and life. Starting today what goal are you going to set for yourself or with another person?

If you use the insight technique, you will be assisted in gaining insights and ways you can improve relationships in your life.